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Live crickets for insectivorous birds

Live crickets for insectivorous birds

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Live crickets represent a fundamental food in the diet of insectivorous birds (ideal for swallows, swifts and house martins, etc.) stimulating their natural predatory instinct. Being rich in protein, calcium and vitamins, and with a low amount of fat and calories, they are a complete food for your volatile friends. Thanks to their hard exoskeleton, they have the ability to clean the intestines of young birds, dragging the excess mucus present in the intestine during intestinal transit. Live crickets can be frozen and subsequently sieved to remove legs and wings, making them more digestible for your bird friends. The quality of our crickets is guaranteed because they were born and raised in a controlled supply chain, fed with cereal-based feed and specially designed to respect their nutritional needs. Available in three sizes (medium, sub-adult and adult), they are suitable for birds of any size. 

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