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Who we are

Nutrinsect is a biotechnology company specialized in the breeding and processing of the domestic cricket (Acheta domesticus) for the pet-food, food and sustainable agriculture sectors. Nutrinsect was born from a dream: to feed the planet in a sustainable way and respecting the environment. 



Nutrinsect was born in 2016 and in the early years it dedicated itself to the acquisition of know-how on the breeding procedures of the domestic cricket. In 2020, a 1000 square meter pilot plant is inaugurated, in which crickets are raised with completely manual procedures. In 2021 the company integrates semi-automatic systems in its production processes, which lead to a production five times higher than the traditional method, with the same space and resources used. Today Nutrinsect, in collaboration with engineers and leading companies in industrial automation, is planning the largest domestic cricket farm in Europe, which will be fully automated in order to minimize the contact of insects with humans, to ensure their growth and optimal well-being. 


Our goal is to make it possible to increase food productivity by means of sustainable and innovative systems, guaranteeing a safe product for the final consumer, with high standards of quality and biosecurity. We have always been lovers of good food, we love to consume high quality, healthy and tasty foods. For this reason, our goal is to make a product that is healthy, safe but above all good. With a process of killing and drying the crickets that respects high quality standards, we transform insects into flour by grinding them with a stone mill as it was once done, as our food and wine culture teaches us.

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