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Dogs and cats

Nutrinsect, in collaboration with experts in the feed industry, is developing dry and wet feed containing flour and cricket puree for dogs and cats. Crickets can be a high quality source of protein for your dogs and cats, as an alternative to the meat or fish found in traditional feed, as they are much more digestible than chicken proteins, for example. Plus, they're packed with other important nutrients like fatty acids, fiber, minerals (especially calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, zinc), and folic acid, making them premium ingredients for your four-legged friends. Crickets are considered a hypoallergenic food and clinical studies have shown that a diet based on insect proteins improves the clinical symptoms of dogs and cats with food intolerances. Crickets mixed with other plant-based ingredients will not only provide a balanced diet but will be an ideal option for feeding not only healthy dogs and cats, but also those with allergic problems.

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