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Micro dried crickets for tropical fish

Micro dried crickets for tropical fish

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In nature, fish feed on insects. Dried crickets therefore represent a fundamental food in the diet of insectivorous animals such as tropical fish (ideal for fighting fish, hatchet fish, puffer fish, pacu fish, etc.). Their nutritional content is excellent for your aquarium friends, being rich in protein, calcium and vitamins, and with a low amount of fat and calories. Nutrinsect dried crickets have been tested by professional tropical fish breeders and have been shown to exceed expectations in terms of size and health of the  fish, grown optimally without developing overweight. The consumption of crickets also supports the vibrant coloration typical of tropical fish. When used as directed, aquarium crickets do not blacken the water (as is often the case with traditional feed) and as a result your aquarium stays cleaner for longer. The transformation process for obtaining dried crickets, developed by our team of food technologists, almost completely eliminates the microbial load of the crickets, while maintaining a high quality of proteins and fats. The quality of our crickets is guaranteed because they were born and raised in a controlled supply chain, fed with cereal-based feed and specially designed to respect their nutritional needs. Available in three sizes (micro, medium and large).  

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