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Cricket flour

Cricket flour

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Cricket flour, obtained by grinding naturally raised and dried crickets, is a product with a high protein content (about 3 times the content of meat) and 100% natural. It is a very tasty and healthy flour.

Compared to other animal protein sources, cricket flour also contains an important amount of fiber.

Cricket flour, unlike common protein flours of animal origin (fish meal, horn meal, bones, hooves and blood, etc.) is edible for humans, hygienic and safe, and above all eco-sustainable.

It is a complete food, rich in calcium, iron and vitamins B12, a real panacea for bone growth , for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia and also of megaloblastic anemia .
Crickets are a rich source of fiber and minerals such as calcium and iron (over double iron compared to spinach), a panacea for bone growth, vitamin B12 (a vitamin deficient in the vegetarian and vegan diet) and omega 3 fatty acids.

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Power 1776 KJ / 424 KCAL Proteins 61.45 g Carbohydrates 6.74 g Unsaturated fats 11.95 g Saturated fats 4.89 g Humidity 4.65%

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