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Alternative proteins and new nutritional sources. We produce flours and bases for the food sector with our insects.

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We provide alternative feeds for your farm. Discover our nutritious, healthy and completely sustainable feeds.


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Your pets will be delighted to try our live and frozen insects available in various sizes and packs.

Why Insects?

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Today the greatest problem of our age is the unbridled consumption of the earth's resources.

Unfortunately there is a meat problem, our consumption of meat during the week has increased by 4 times but the world population that eats it has also increased, a century ago we were one billion, now we are 7 billion and to feed all these mouths of As a result, production increased, so we moved from our grandparents' farms to intensive farming.

In an intensive farm there are thousands of cows and each of them needs water, about 200 liters a day and food that obviously needs to be grown, so more water and more space are needed, just think that today the space dedicated to cultivation for animal feed occupies 2 thirds of all fertile lands in the world, we are talking about an area equal to Africa and Europe put together, in a nutshell, agriculture is at the service of farm animals.

There is another problem, both intensive agriculture and intensive farming produce a lot of greenhouse gases, taking into account that ruminants are responsible for the total 9% of greenhouse gases emitted each year.

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