Who we are

Nutrinsect was born from a dream: to feed the planet in a sustainable way and respecting the environment. A profound change is required in the exploitation and management of natural resources and its use, our goal is to make it possible to increase food productivity by means of sustainable and innovative systems, guaranteeing a safe product for the final consumer and keeping all the made in Italy standards unaltered

Thanks to the various collaborations with research institutions, universities, partner companies and our team of specialized experts, we breed our crickets, in a closed-circuit supply chain, guaranteeing a very high biosecurity system with high sanitary hygiene procedures, space reduction, optimization of the whole production system, the greater production compared to the traditional method for the same surface used and guaranteeing the welfare of the animal.

We have always been lovers of good food, we love to consume high quality, healthy and tasty foods, for this reason we have focused on trying to make a product that is not only sustainable and rich in nutrients but of the highest quality and above all good, this thanks to the respect of the physiological growth rate of the insect respecting their natural behaviors, a balanced diet, controlled and free of any medicine, a killing and drying process respecting a high safety standard and transforming the insects into flour by grinding as the it was once done, as our food and wine culture teaches us.

Insects will become a fixed part of the food industry, producing alternative and sustainable nutrients is no longer just a business, but a real need. We have the task of not making this product not only healthy but above all tasty.

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Jose Cianni

Founder and CEO

Robert Cianni

Sales manager

Jose Obon Vidal

Head of Operations

Giuseppe Totaro

Administrative Manager

Giacomo Foresi

Transformation Manager

Tommaso Pinto

Head of Breeding

Margherita Buccetti

Breeding and Production

Riccardo Fausti

Production Control

Beatrice La Porta

Legal counsel

Irene Biancarosa

R&D Manager